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Man Charged with Burglary and Felony Theft

Wole O. Falodun
MD Criminal Defense Strategy
Case Study

The Charge: Burglary and Felony Theft

My client was a recovering heroin addict who had taken in a friend who had fallen on hard times. After a certain period of time, my client asked his friend to give him money towards the rent, but the friend had no money and gave him a diamond ring to sell or pawn.

My client pawned the ring, and was arrested for burglary. The ring had been stolen from a home In Howard County. The police tracked the ring to the pawnshop and then to my client.

Defense Strategy: The state claimed that my client had resorted to burglary and theft to support his heroin addiction, and had my client’s friend testify against him. During the trial, the court learned that the friend had at least 7 prior convictions for burglary, and was offering testimony at the trial in exchange for leniency in another burglary case.

Result: My client was found NOT GULTY by the court.