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Man Arrested for Attempted Murder

Wole O. Falodun
MD Criminal Defense Strategies
Case Study

The Charge: Two Counts Attempted Murder, Two Counts First Degree Assault, Two Counts Reckless Endangerment

My Client was at a house party attended by 25 or 30 other people when he found himself in a bad situation where the party-goers were going to attack him. My client went outside and was followed by a group of aggressive individuals. My client had been at the house a few weeks earlier and had seen the butt of a rifle sticking out from behind a woodshed. As the group moved in on my client, he backed his way to the woodshed and pulled out rifle. Not knowing if the gun actually worked, he fired a warning shot toward the ground. Unfortunately, the bullet ricocheted and struck one member of the group in the leg.

Defense Strategy: My client was under the threat of serious bodily injury and acted in self-defense. He did not bring a weapon to the party, nor did he fire at the aggressive group.

Result: After four days of courtroom litigation, my client was found guilty of misdemeanor reckless endangerment, and NOT GUILTY of the attempted murder charges and NOT GULTY on both first-degree assault charges. He faced twenty-five years in jail for each of the first-degree assault charges had he been convicted. He also faced life sentences on each of the attempted murder charges had he been convicted.