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Man Arrested for Attempted Murder

Wole O. Falodun MD Criminal Defense Strategies Case Study The Charge: Two Counts Attempted Murder, Two Counts First Degree Assault, Two Counts Reckless Endangerment My Client was at a house party attended by 25 or 30 other people when he found himself in a bad situation where the party-goers were going to attack him. My client went outside and was followed by a group of aggressive individuals. My client had been at the house a few weeks earlier and had seen the butt of a rifle sticking out from behind a woodshed. As the group moved in on my client, … Continue Reading

Man Accused of Child Sexual Assault Against 8-year-old

Wole O. Falodun MD Criminal Defense Strategy Case Study The Charge: Sexual Assault of a Minor After my client ended a relationship with his girlfriend, in which my client was main source of income, the girlfriend went to the police and accused my client, a 28-year-old man, of having sexual intercourse with her 8-year-old daughter. Defense Strategy: During cross examination, the court learned that though the alleged sexual abuse encounter was supposed to have lasted for an hour, the child was not hurt, felt no pain, suffered no bleeding, and did not cry. She did not cry or run away … Continue Reading

Man Charged with Burglary and Felony Theft

Wole O. Falodun MD Criminal Defense Strategy Case Study The Charge: Burglary and Felony Theft My client was a recovering heroin addict who had taken in a friend who had fallen on hard times. After a certain period of time, my client asked his friend to give him money towards the rent, but the friend had no money and gave him a diamond ring to sell or pawn. My client pawned the ring, and was arrested for burglary. The ring had been stolen from a home In Howard County. The police tracked the ring to the pawnshop and then to … Continue Reading