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The Often Overlooked Details You Need to Get Following an Auto Accident

Despite your best efforts to be a diligent and careful driver, you’ve just been involved in an accident. Even if you’ve been in an accident before, this is a scary situation, and the next few minutes of your life will likely overload your senses. You’ll be speaking to law enforcement, conversing with other drivers, and you may also need medical treatment. With all of the activity going on around you, it is no surprise that many drivers overlook some important details following their car accident, but failing to get some critical pieces of information can cause some big problems for you later.
Witness Information
Did other drivers witness your accident? If so, jot down their contact information. When dealing with your car insurance and a possible settlement, witness statements can help your insurance company to make a decision in your favor. If there is a question about who is at fault in an accident, what your witnesses saw can be essential.
Photos of the Accident Scene
Smart phones have made it easier than ever to document an accident, so use your iPhone to your advantage. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Be sure to also capture the road conditions and the surroundings, especially if traffic signs or warning lights are present.
Information from the other Driver
When filing a claim with your insurance company, you’ll need to have information about the other people who were involved in the incident. The name of the other driver’s insurance carrier along with their policy number, address, and phone number are important to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.
A Copy of the Police Report
Regardless of whether or not there are injuries involved in your crash, make sure you always report an accident to the police. The responding officer will interview witnesses and will document the events of the accident in an accident report. Make sure that you follow up with the officer to get a copy of this report later on, as your insurance company will likely want this evidence.
Despite your efforts to supply your insurance company with all of the information they need, you might still run into a snag. Your best bet may be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help resolve your claim. Contact us today to set up your consultation.