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Attorney Wole Falodun practices in Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is licensed in the State of Maryland and admitted to both the state and federal courts. He is also admitted to practice in the D.C. Federal Courts. His commitment to helping individuals find a path through life’s most difficult moments gives him great satisfaction.

Our Commitment to you

We are ready to assist clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Regardless of the type of charges you may be facing or the circumstances surrounding your arrest, criminal investigation or other aspects of your case, we have the resources and the legal experience to approach the matter head on and offer you the aggressive defense representation you need. Your criminal lawyer at our law firm will fight to protect your interests and will review your case with a fine toothed comb to find any error, rights violation or other mistake made by law enforcement or the prosecuting attorney to turn the tides of your case.